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A Whole Chicken Fried Under a Bucket! An Unusual Way to Prepare a Crispy Dinner

We have watched a lot of good videos and pictures through social networks, it helps us to know many different things in life. Today we watch together a video of a Youtuber preparing dinner with whole fried chicken under the barrel, very attractive.


In a country like Dubai, fried chicken is like a common dish. They are very satisfied with their daily life, looking at them full of life.

The guy Youtuber mastering these jobs is nothing new. In this special article, we will be discussing some of the viral videos on the method of frying whole chickens under the barrel.

Initially he prepared six chickens, washed them. Then he made some lubricating spices on the body of each chicken.

He ended up using a large hole to roast the chicken. He is a professional chef who makes this unique chicken dish. Make sure you read and watch the video, so you definitely won’t miss any of our articles!


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