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Animals Waking Up Other Animals In Their Sleep

Everyone knows how it feels to be bothered when they’re taking a nap. I mean, you’re all comfy and you finally get to shut one eye, when someone comes to wake you up. Well, guess what? Animals do this to each other as well, but it doesn’t always turn out for the best.


Have you ever seen a cackle of hyenas wake up a male lion? What about a snake waking up a domestic cat? If you want to see some brutal awakenings, keep watching, as we look at animals waking up other animals in their sleep.

Jaguar Attack Caiman

The caiman has been the area’s top predator for many years, but the hunter becomes the hunted here. This incredible act of predation was captured on tape by a tourist in Brazil’s Pantanal and has since gone viral.

It demonstrates how cunning and daring predatory cats can be. It’s not easy to get the better of a caiman, but this jaguar makes it look easy. The caiman is resting, probably taking a nap, when the big cat sneaks upon him.

Well, the caiman is in for a rude awakening, and it doesn’t end there. The cat assaults him and takes him back home for lunch, to be eaten. Then there’s the feat of swimming with the animal in his mouth and carrying it across the water.

Snake Attacks Rabbit

While hiking in Lower Lake Myakka in Florida, a hiker came across an eastern diamondback rattlesnake looking to feed on a Florida brown rabbit.

He’d walked this trail several times before, but this was the first time he’d encountered a snake, let alone a six-foot rattler. He believes the rabbit was hurt, possibly bitten by the snake, before he saw the attack.

The rabbit looks like he’s taking a nap, but I don’t think it’s the case. The snake took his time approaching the rabbit before he grabbed and swallowed him whole.


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