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Defunct Tourist Sites We’re Not Allowed to Visit Anymore

Everybody loves a good vacation and an opportunity to travel and explore. But what if we told you that some of the most stunning tourist destinations in the world are now off-limits?

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Popular spots our grandparents used to enjoy are no longer accessible, or simply no longer exist, and we are to blame. Take a look back at the vintage travel hotspots that are now confined to history, for an opportunity to appreciate what’s lost forever!

We will likely never get to see what others once loved. Maybe one day, there will be a change to policy. But for now, we will just have to imagine the experience from the ground. It’s still pretty magnificent!

The Sutro Baths

Chichen Itza Pyramid

Guaira Falls

The Azure Window

Mother nature had the final word, and we can’t argue. Even though it weathered countless storms over the years, one finally turned out to be too intense. In March 2017, the natural structure came crashing down.

The crash damaged 1,600 square meters of the reef, and experts are not optimistic that it is growing back anytime soon. It could take 100 years to naturally rebuild itself.

New York’s Hippodrome
It was the place to be seen, no question.

Even Harry Houdini performed there before it closed in 1939. It’s interesting to look at it in old-timey photos. But sadly, we know that magic is over for good.

Not only was the beach destroyed but the town of Kalapana was buried. Locals managed to rebuild it, but the beach was another matter. Now, it’s all just a dreamy photo.

The Legzira Beach Arch

One of the two famous arches on the beach actually fell down in 2016. It collapsed under its own weight! One is still standing, but scientists say both will be gone soon. Gravity is unavoidable, even for rocks.



Although you will never be able to enjoy its thrills, you can admire it in photos. You can also remember it by listening to rapper Travis Scott’s latest album. He named it after this very park!


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