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Dog Abandoned by Owner on a Street: Scabies and Emaciated Emaciation Make it Fall Into a State of Near Death

A scaly puppy abandoned on the streets of Taiwan was saved by a British friend who loves animals. A pet lover named Sean McCormack came across Tiny, a dog abandoned by his owner on a dog.

Tiny was found on the street after being abandoned by her former owner on the street in Taiwan.

Streets in Taiwan. With the appearance of scabies and weak health, this poor dog is falling into a state of exhaustion, about to die.

The dog’s skin was ravaged by scabies, emaciated and forgotten in the middle of a crowded street. Sean did not hesitate to bring Tiny home and find a way to save this poor puppy. The next months are the amazing recovery of Tiny.

Scabies and emaciation put Tiny in  danger. The first time they encountered Tiny, the veterinarians had to give up. Tiny was brought back to England by her new owner. At first, Tiny’s new owner mistook him for a British mastiff (Mastiff).

Actually, Tiny is a Rottweiler breed. This is a muscular dog, medium to large in height, highly intelligent and exceptionally loyal and devoted. “It is also a cute dog”, Sean said. Tiny is now becoming the most “pet” dog in the reserve

Dr. Yang at the Veterinary Hospital in Taipei Yang Ming helps to treat Tiny very actively and clears the dog’s depression. When Tiny was completely healed, the dog won the top prize of a pet competition, based not on perfect physical features but on admirable vitality and drive.

The makeover thanks to the owner’s love in Tiny.

After that, Tiny and her owner set out on a journey to call for an end to practices that cause suffering to animals. For pets in need, Tiny is a miracle and his story has brought hope to millions of dogs who are starving on the street. Many believe that the most magical thing from Tiny comes from the enthusiastic help of his owner Sean and the veterinarians who brought Tiny back when the dog was on the verge of death.


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