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Horror Angry Mother Buffalo Killed Lion to Save Her Calf

Love to see the buffaloes kick the nasty lions’ butts. If the buffaloes work together, watch out for each other the lions will not be able to harm them, adult buffaloes are stronger and more vicious than lions if they want to be. Yet they run from predators if only buffaloes organize and stand their ground no predator will get them.


A gutsy adult cape buffalo can kill or brutally maim a lion. Where hyenas and wild dogs who hunt in packs are concerned a group of marauding adult buffaloes can easily kill a few driving away the rest. With crocs, stamp on them hard to crack their spines.

After watching thousands of hours of Animals documentaries I concluded, this is the greatest scene to ever be recorded, if only buffaloes can realize that with the mass attacks they can defeat any Pride of a lion. They will surely stop being preyed upon.


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