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How The Great Blue Heron Hunts and Catches Prey

The great blue heron has few predators as an adult since it is a huge bird with a powerful beak, but its eggs and young are more vulnerable. Have you ever seen a great blue heron swallow an eel? Do you think great blue herons can kill snakes? If you want to see the great blue heron in action, keep watching, as we look at how the great blue heron hunts and catches prey.


Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Herons are vulnerable to stress and might be harmful to handle. Their huge beaks can kill a human. Herons that eat alone guard their feeding areas. Intruders are known to be killed, so defense is likely to be strong.

Aggression fluctuates with the seasons, peaking when their young are being fed. See how a team at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology installed live-streaming video cameras at a Great Blue Heron nest before the birds returned in spring.

With the cams in place, more than 1.4 million people watched as the herons came back and raised their young. At Turtle Pond in Central Park, New York City, a Great Blue Heron is calmly vocalizing. When they arrive at the nest, Great Blue Herons welcome their mate with a squawking ROH-ROH-ROH.

A disturbance may cause a sequence of clucking go-go-got to build up to a fast squawk lasting up to 20 seconds. Birds respond with a screeching squawk that lasts slightly over two seconds if they are directly threatened.

The reputation of great blue herons as graceful and attractive birds is well-deserved. Herons will stab prey with their pointed, dagger-like beak. Humans are feared by great blue herons, who will forsake their nesting areas if they are disturbed.

Nests typically measure around 1 meter in diameter and feature a central cavity that is 10 cm deep and 30 cm in circumference. Twigs, moss, lichens, or pine needles are sometimes used to line this interior cavity by herons.

A pair usually builds a nest sturdy enough for eggs to be laid and incubated in less than a week. A lovely mating pair of Great Blue Herons are constructing their nest.

Blue Heron Vs Stingray

It took this Great Blue Heron about 30 minutes to pulverize and swallow this stingray. Before swallowing it whole, the heron preps the stingray so he’s able to swallow it whole without any problems.

This heron was taking a stroll on the beach when it noticed a stingray and decided to have it for lunch. No need for a picnic. Just a quick meal on the fly.

Well, what do you know? A heron took a walk on the beach and found a stingray. The heron was in the mood for some seafood, so it didn’t hesitate, but for some reason, once it had the stingray in its mouth, it decided to drop it, and forget about eating it.


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