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Moment DHL Cargo Plane Breaks in Two During emergency Landing in Costa Rica

The Boeing 757-200 had taken off bound for Guatemala City, Guatemala, but the pilot requested permission to turn back 35 miles into the flight after a failure in the hydraulic system was detected. The Juan Santamaria international airport was closed temporarily following the incident involving the Boeing 757-200 cargo aircraft.


A DHL cargo jet broke in half after making an emergency landing at Costa Rica’s Juan Santa Maria international airport on Thursday. Footage of the shocking incident has since gone viral on social media.

The Boeing 757-200 cargo aircraft was bound for Guatemala but a failure in its hydraulic system forced it to turn around shortly after takeoff, reports Insider.

The pilot requested to turn back and make an emergency landing after travelling about 56 km – a close call for him and his crew as dramatic footage shows the plane splitting in two shortly after landing.

In the video, which was shared on Twitter, the yellow cargo jet made an emergency landing in a field next to the runway. The tail of the aircraft appeared to then detach from the body, splitting the plane in half as it came to a stop.


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