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Surprise Leopard Cub and Baboon Standoff

The beautiful Kambula lioness and cubs. I hope that it is the will of the Lords for them to all survive and flourish. The lion dynamics are difficult and heartbreaking, but this is how things work for them in their world. Nevertheless, I like to keep hope alive and prayers going up.


If the strong and capable girls work together, they have a good chance of bringing the precious cubs to sub-adult stage. Like the cubs, I was happy to see the lioness return.

The Nkoveni cub and mom are so beautiful and I’m glad that mom wasn’t far away. It would have been great if the baboon had fallen out of the tree, I’m no fan of them, they’re obnoxious, aggressive, loud cub.

This is an extremely hard situation for cubbies to wait for parents to come home, baboons are scary as heck. Curious cats. Hopefully this one steps backwards. Pretty interesting to watch.

That was quite a bit of elephant communicate going on there. I wonder if that first one was a male and the female and babies were telling him to shoo away.


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