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The 20 Scɑriest Animɑl Fights Cɑught ᴏn Cɑmerɑ

I know most of you love ɑnimɑls. I guess we’ll do that, don’t we? That’s why we cɑn never hɑve enough videos ɑbout them! Without ɑnimɑls, the world would be ɑ very sɑd plɑce. But being surrounded by ɑnimɑls is not ɑll lɑughs ɑnd cheers.


Sometimes, they also make our hearts beat faster, especially when they fight with each other. In today’s video, we’ll be looking at the “Scariest Animal Fights Caught on Camera”. You won’t believe the number of animals that have gotten into fights! It’s insane.

Let me warn you, a lot of these combinations are random. Like, have you ever heard of a crocodile fighting a lion? Or an eel versus an octopus?

I know many of you wouldn’t believe these fights were real. Good thing I have videos to prove that these encounters do happen!  They’re wild, and we’re here to watch them.

Snake versus Rabbit

Here’s a duo I never expected to see. A rabbit and a snake! While rabbits are known for staying out of trouble, the one in this video is ready to fight against a snake! We all know snakes can be dangerous.

I mean, a lot of them are not poisonous, but the idea of getting bitten by one of them is not pleasant. That’s why we all run away from them. Even humans do! But not this rabbit. This rabbit is ready to put that snake in its place at all costs!

Octopus versus Shark

Just like we want to stay away from snakes in the jungle, we also want to stay away from sharks in the ocean. But again, not all animals are afraid of them.

In fact, some animals are ready to attack sharks and challenge their threatening appearance. In this video, we see an octopus using its camouflage at the bottom of the ocean.

And then, when a shark appears, the octopus jumps into action and shows the shark who’s the real boss. What a fight!

Alligator versus Hog

Nature is cruel. And sometimes we’re not aware of it until reality hits right in front of our eyes. This video was recorded by some tourists while visiting New Orleans, a city in the southern part of the US.

One thing you should know about the south is that it is full of alligators, so you can expect to find them in the swamps and other bodies of water. They even have swamp tours for people to see up close, like the people in this video.

Sadly, there were some hogs near the water that day and one of them got too close to the alligator without even noticing.

In just a matter of seconds, the alligator grabbed the poor little guy. The hog tried to fight back, but it was pointless.

Fox versus Eagle

Foxes are pretty, but they’re very sneaky. And a lot of times, they like to steal from other animals. Including birds and their nests. 

In this video, we can see a sly fox trying to get into an eagle’s nest, but the big eagle is not ready to let that happen.


Instead, the two animals get into a fight for power. The fox is very good at running away, but the eagle is fast to catch up and teach the animal a lesson.

Python versus Alligator 

It’s not often that we see big reptiles facing each other. But such encounters do occur, and when it happens, it’s cool to watch. Believe it or not, some alligators and pythons often get into fights.

And while it’s often expected that the alligator will win, the python has some skills of its own. Sometimes, these huge snakes can use their skills to intimidate the alligators and make them back off.

But the majority of the time, the alligator wins as long as its jaw is strong enough to hold on to the python.

King Cobra versus Mongoose

It looks like snakes think they can go around intimidating anyone that crosses their path. But their plans don’t always go as expected. In this video, a king cobra is trying to mess with some nice mongooses.

But instead of running away, one of the Mongoose decides to step up and stand in front of the threatening snake. The king cobra tries to bite, but the mongoose bites back.

In the end, the snake gets scared and goes away. And if that wasn’t enough, the mongoose still goes after it to make it clear that the mongooses are to be respected.

In the video belᴏw, yᴏu cɑn see the 20 Scariest Animal Fights Caught on Camera.


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