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The 35 Random Acts of Kindness That Will Make You Cry!

If saving the world is on your wishlist, then you can get started right now by doing one good deed. Step by step, you can make the world a better place – just like these people!


I am now going to show you some random acts of kindness that have already made history. By the time you get to the end, you will definitely be ready to act!

Fan Comments

Comment 1: Solitary Confinement Said: When I see elderly couples in love it melts me every time. To be with someone that long, the prospect of losing them must be gut-wrenching. And being a single dad to a 10 yr old daughter, seeing that woman dancing with her dying dad was more than I can take. It’s a good thing my phone is waterproof.”

Comment 2: Metalhead Said: The Brazilian cyclist’s cousin really got me… after all the hard work even made history for her country she’d just been left alone crying, then the cousin came and gave her the glorious moment she deserved! It’s just amazing”

Comment 3: Stussmeister Said:I will be the first to admit that while my relatives and peers describe me as tough for having twice gone through something rhyming with “answer”, and that I’m completely used to being stuck with IVS and needles (I got a flu shot yesterday and barely felt it), watching heartwarming videos like this has me frequently reaching for the tissue box.”

Comment 4: Jordan Said: “Always remember that these things happen far more regularly than the bad things that are reported each day. The world is overwhelmingly a decent and good place to live in as long as we all choose to do the right thing in the end.”

Let’s do this! In the photo below, you can see the 35 Random Acts of Kindness That Will Make You Cry!


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