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The 9 BIGGEST Fruits and Vegetables in The World

What’s up Fact Junkies and welcome to another unique episode showcasing our incredible planet! When it comes to food shopping, we often tend to scavenge for the biggest fruit or vegetable to take home with us. But as you’re about to discover, bigger isn’t always better.



As some of the foods on today’s list would require a forklift or a whole team to take home and chop up for lunch.

From head-sized lemons to cucumber’s the size of a baby hippopotamus, here are the 9 BIGGEST Fruits & Vegetables In The WORLD. You better stick around for #1 because the size of this watermelon is going to blow you away.

Shemoel’s Lemon

They say when life gives you lemons make lemonade. But you’re going to need one hell of a fruit press for this one! Yes, there are indeed lemons out there big enough to fill entire jugs instead. The Heaviest one ever recorded was grown by Israeli farmer Aharon Shemoel back in 2003 and weighed a jaw-dropping 11 pounds.

The lemon’s circumference was 29 by 13.7 inches; making it taller and bigger than most people’s heads! Now before you go thinking this fruit was somehow genetically modified: the real secret to this lemon’s massive growth is the climate.

Israel’s subtropical climate just north of the equator makes for hot and dry summers and cool rainy winters. Since citrus fruits need at least 5 hours of sun a day, the Israeli climate is just perfect for growing oversized citrus fruits like the one you see here.

Just to prove how important climate is to citrus fruits: if lemonade isn’t your thing, check out this largest orange in the world.

Grown in the nourishing garden of Patrick and Joanne Fiedler in Fresno, California in 2006, this outstanding orange had a circumference that measured 25 insane inches around its widest point.

The last time it snowed in Fresno was way back in 1998 with only half an inch of snow, meaning this citrus fruit got all the precious sunshine it needed to grow to such impressive lengths!

And if these lemons were enough to impress you, then the massive watermelons at #1 are going to blow your mind.

Peter’s Onions

Whether you cut it or not, the size of this onion is going to make you cry either way. Hypothetically speaking, of course.

Although, if you did risk slicing up this record-breaking onion, we’re pretty sure you would bring your whole neighborhood to tears.

Professional Gardener Peter Glazebrook has been cultivating oversized fruits and vegetables for years, and it took him about 25 years of trial and error to achieve this jaw-dropping 18-pound onion.

Peter pretty much wins an award at every agricultural show he participates in and even his own Wikipedia page.

So you know he’s the real deal in the world of growing oversized foods. Peter plants his onions in early winter to late spring when they can absorb as much sun before harvesting in the late summer.

He then reuses the same seeds from his largest onions to keep on planting bigger, better, juicier onions each and every year.

In the video belᴏw, we’ll see The 9 BIGGEST Fruits & Vegetables In The World.


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