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Top 15 Craziest Animal Invasions Caught On Camera

Our love for animals knows no boundaries! But…there are some boundaries that we need to keep if we want to live a long life. Right? I mean, some animals are better kept at a distance. Otherwise, they could come and attack us, or maybe eat us?


I really don’t know! All I know is that there are animals out there that I would never want to mess with. Today’s video is all about “Crazy Animal Invasions”.

We’ll look at some unlucky people (or maybe lucky…depends how you look at it) and some very aggressive animals who came face to face with each other in very unfortunate, but probably funny, circumstances. Imagine having breakfast with a wild beast!  That’s just one of the many stories I have for you today. Let’s check them out.

It’s a Pool Party!

Bears are the type of animals that look cute, but that we also want to stay away from. Especially when we go camping. After all, the forest is their home – so if we go spend the night there, we have to be ready in case we run into them.

Happy friends playing with ball inside swimming pool – Young people having fun on summer holidays vacation – Travel,holidays,youth,friendship and tropical concept – Seasonal color tones filter

But in this video, the bears are the ones invading someone’s home. And it’s not like they were looking for food. Apparently, they just wanted to have fun and a good swim. I bet that was a very hot day.

You can see them playing around with the toys while jumping in and out of the pool. One of them is even trying to get on a floaty. I would love to play with them, but I guess this pool party is for “bears only.”

The Deer that was Lost

Some of us wake up surrounded by our dogs, cats, birds, maybe even cows and chicken if we live on a farm. But the family in this video woke up to a deer. And the poor animal was so scared.

As soon as the family saw him, the deer started to look for a way out of the house. Unfortunately, he was in such a rush that he fell inside a pool and was having a hard time trying to get out.

It seems like the people in the video were eager to help, but not before taking some photos and videos of this unexpected visitor. I can tell that the deer was more scared than the people.

Swimming with an Elephant

Would you swim right next to an elephant? Well, sometimes you don’t have a choice. Like the people in this video, who were peacefully taking the sun and enjoying a nice swim when out of nowhere, an elephant showed up.

We all know that elephants are quite harmless. They’re herbivores, so we’re not part of their diet. However, seeing an animal this huge at a very close distance can easily make anyone feel threatened.

But this elephant only wanted to drink water. After all, it seems like that pool was the only place in the area where he was able to get what he needed.

Caught in the Act

Foxes are cute, and some people even adopt them as pets. But we gotta admit that they’re normally considered wild animals. And if you have a farm, they can come to eat your chicken even if you live in an urban area.

Like the fox in this video, who was ready to have a good meal before getting caught by the cameras. What’s funny about this video is the way the fox reacted. He looks right into the camera and freezes, looking a bit guilty and unable to do his next move.

The people recording the video seem quite fascinated about this visit, but I don’t think they’d be that excited if they’d have gotten there a bit later. That fox looked hungry!

Let Them In

You might think that locking your door is enough to keep animals and other intruders away. But when it comes to animals, you should never take their intelligence for granted! When this bear found the door locked, he just stood up on his paws and opened the door himself.

I guess it was extremely cold outside! And then there are these other two bears that went inside a house, opened the fridge, and made themselves comfortable.

They might need to be reminded that this is not their home, but I guess there’s no one brave enough to break the news to them.

Share your Breakfast

Sharing is caring. And when it comes to Fruit Loops, it seems like there are a couple of friends out there who’d like you to share your food with them.

Like this raccoon who decided to join this girl for breakfast. The girl and the person behind the camera freaked out when they saw the animal. The girl ended up dropping her bowl and ran away.

When she left, the raccoon decided to call another friend and both of them had the meal of their lives. Nothing goes to waste when these animals are around.


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