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Top 5 Animals That Can Take Down a Male Lion

Despite the fact that lions are referred to as the king of the jungle due to their power over other predators, the jungle king can be beaten or killed by the other types of animals. Some animals attack lions in form of a group and some attack on lions alone.


The male lion is stronger than the female and can be killed as we told you earlier. There are many animals that can do this job quite well. Top 5 Animals that can take down a Male Lion.

Grizzly Bears

At number five, we have Grizzly bears. A 7-foot-tall grizzly bear can easily weigh 400 kilograms or more. A grizzly bear’s mass is nearly equal to that of an African lion. It’s no secret that grizzly bears are bigger, stronger, and heavier than lions.

They also have larger paws, making it easier for them to attack with powerful and deadly swipes, which does more damage to lions. The fight between a Grizzly and a lion usually is short-lived as a grizzly bear can take down a lion in a matter of few minutes. It just needs the right moment and spot to attack the lion.


On number fourth, we have Elephants. They are the most powerful beast on the planet. An elephant is enormous and strong enough to take on a lion on its own. They have a huge weight around 5 thousand kilograms that can cause strong vibration on the ground near lions.

African elephant (Loxodonta africana) Bull elephant with large tusks. Amboseli National Park Kenya. Dist. Sub-saharan Africa

They have the ability to bring down large trees on lions. This lion is terrified by an elephant charge. They may not be able to kill the lion, but they are capable of defeating a lion if threatened.


Next, we have Giraffe. Giraffes have a powerful kick that can inflict serious damage on a lion’s vital organs and bones. A giraffe’s kick may be directed in any direction and in several ways, and it has been known to kill a lion with one kick, and it has even been known to behead a lion.

When they attack a male lion, they can injure or kill it by striking its long neck to the lion’s body with such force that it breaks bones and causes internal organ damage.


On number two, we have Crocodiles. Crocodiles have one the strongest bites in the world of animals. A male lion can be harmed or killed by a crocodile. Its powerful teeth are capable of killing a lion.

Although lions rarely enter the water unless they are at immediate risk of being drowned or killed by a crocodile on their territory, it is fascinating to see. If the lion isn’t careful, the crocodile may take it for prey and eat it whole.


On top of the list, we have the Hippopotamus. The hippopotamus is one of the heaviest animals in the world. A normal hippopotamus weighs around 1800 kilograms which is quite heavy. It would be easy for the hippopotamus to defend itself against an individual or even a troop of lions.

Hippopotamus (Hippopotamus amphibius) swimming, Botswana, Africa

The hippopotamus possesses massive teeth that are capable of crushing a lion with a single bite. Hippos are extremely powerful and quick when it comes to attacking a lion. That’s all for today’s video. Let us know about the animal who do you think can easily take down a male lion among others in this list in the comment section below.


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