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Top 5 Brutal Moments When Predators Attacked Newborns

It’s much easier for a predator to target young prey than it is to hunt an adult. It’s less trouble and it can be accomplished without too much difficulty, even though the catch is not very big. Have you ever seen wild dogs hunt young impalas? 


What about lions eating an elephant calf alive? If you want to see predators targeting youths in the bush, keep watching, as we countdown the top 5 brutal moments when predators attacked newborns.

Wild Dogs VS Buffalo Calf

Buffalo are large, powerful creatures that have been known to fight lions. They’re massive, and a well-placed stab with one of their horns might prove fatal for an enemy. Unless they’re pursuing a younger calf, wild dogs have a slim chance of taking down a full-grown buffalo. In this video, they’re doing exactly that.

They’ve encircled the calf and are about to slaughter it directly in front of its mother. Because there are simply too many dogs, it appears the mother has given up on defending her offspring. If the mother understands what is best for her at this point, she should flee.

The mother is finally frightened away from the area after one more try to save her calf, and the dogs are free to feast. Currently, there is no saving this calf. In less than five minutes, a large pack of African wild dogs kills three young Cape Buffalo while successfully frightening away many adults.

As small as they are, wild dogs are unbelievable hunters. African wild dogs have an undeserved reputation for being nasty and aggressive hunters. They live in exceptional co-operation with one another, unlike practically any other predator.

After a successful hunt, for example, the young and sick are allowed to eat first. In this video, the dogs are trying to snatch a buffalo calf right in front of its mother, but it’s not an easy task when there are quite a few adult buffaloes around.

Hyenas Kill Baby Zebra

Zebras do not have an easy existence in general. Because they are prey animals, they must continuously be on the lookout. Hyenas may emerge from the bushes. Leopards have been seen to fall from trees, to snatch young zebras.

Crocodiles lying just beneath the surface, eager to make a meal of them, make even the simplest act of getting a sip of water hazardous. The danger is an ever-present component of a zebra’s existence. This pregnant zebra tries to kick herself out of trouble.

But it’s just not enough as the hyenas manage to take it down. In their traditional manner, the hyenas devour the zebra alive, and the fetus is next. Imagine still not being born and you are already on your way to death.



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