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Touching to see a puppy heartbroken over his brother’s ‘pain’

Beast aid unlimited savior starts helping a puppy immobilized due to a broken paw. The puppy was awakened but looked very weak.


So they took it to a nursing home to take care of it. There he was very strong and the people there they knew were trying to help.

The owner asked the doctor to take care of his overweight Golden Retriever, now he has a new home and has lost more than 100 lbs.

The dog’s relatives asked the doctor to take care of the Golden Retriever’s health. Now he has lost weight and looks quite emaciated.

The good boy was given painkillers and food. He was surrounded by doctors to help speed up his recovery.

The rescue team will hold him until his leg is stable. And when the dog recovers, he will be brought back to see his little brother Jimmy!


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