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Amazing Pine Growing Technology – Pine Cone Harvester – Processing Pine Nuts at the Factory

Pine nuts are the seeds from pine cones and pine nuts are most likely from the rock pine (Pinus pinea) tree, which are the favorite pine nuts (pignolias) for making pesto.


In the United States, commercially sold pine nuts usually come from pinyon pine, which is native to the Southeastern United States. Credit: GMK Produções GMK Produções.

 Fan Comments

Comment 1: Arcelia Cody said: “Noel’s farm should be in every country. This company can really give hire people needing jobs. Am very impressed watching these videos. It’s clean, impressive and so interesting to watch. Noel farm company, please help those less fortunate people. Thank you so much for sharing your farm and processing with us.”

Comment 2: Teresa Mèxico said:Another Pine nut orchard, beautiful and interesting, thank you! Just a recommendation the guys pruning the trees should wear glasses, to protect their eyes from some debris/branches falling down. Would you please show how the machines separate the seed from the shell, please? “Piñones” are perfect without any scratches. I do de-shell them manually with a special tool but I always end up eating them it takes time and never enough. I get the shelled pine nuts from a close-by place, a beautiful wild place.”

Comment 3: Missy Kender said: “Was just watching a video about how in China, human workers actually scale trees to harvest by hand, dangerous work! Those lower branches would be important for climbing, here it looks like they’re stripped so a machine can grip them and shake them down. I had no idea they pressed oil and made confections! Now I want to try them, too!”

Comment 4: Badar Turkman said: “Nice, but they should add some other plants too as in nature there are many other plants added to the system and it benefits the diversity of nature such as birds and animals. Humanity farming should be focusing to help nature too.”

Comment 5: Laura Saul said: “For those of you who want to pick up pine cones and get your own pine nuts, do your research before you pick up any old cones and try to eat the seeds. Not all are safe for human consumption. Unless you know what kind of pine tree it is, be careful with picking up random cones. They’re kind of like mushrooms. Some are safe, some are deadly, and some make you see God for a week.”

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