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Harvest Forest Honey Beehive Goes to the Market to Sell – Live With Natural

Hi everyone welcome to visit my website is talking about the cooking lifestyle. Today I had to travel a long way to Harvest Forest Honey Beehive Goes to the Market to Sell – Live With Natural. Really a hard day at work. It is a very tasty food.


A young girl temporarily put aside a stable job in the city, leaving the grid life to return to her hometown to start building a new life. Build a peaceful life with the nature of mountains and forests, doing the things you love.

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Fan Comments

Comment 1: Galaxy Pearl Said: “The wild honey in this video has long been extinct in many countries and regions, and is almost invisible. Our Ninh is an eye-opener! Amazing Vietnam, Amazing Lý Thị Ninh.


Comment 2: Winy Line Said: “Hi, Ninh. Regarding the increase of manpower on the farm: The scale of the farm will expand and grow, and the work will become more and more diverse and arduous. It is not only hard but also difficult for a girl to do all the work by herself. It is recommended that sisters or cousins share the work of the farm and show up on the camera to let everyone know, it is better than you being alone. In the future, when opening an online shopping platform or a farm store, you will have to hire employees.”

Comment 3: Thanh Pham Said: “Harvesting a beehive is really an adventurous action, only one bee sting on the forearm is a very cheap price to pay for a giant beehive. It’s strange that I could not see any honey oozing out or dripping from the hive. Do people buy part of the hive to get wax or the young bee in it? Anyway, you have a good day at the market, that’s all it matters.

Comment 4: Tnphung Said:That was a giant beehive and your a very brave lady who dares to take it. Lucky those are honeybees and didn’t do a lot of stinging to you glad u did very well and have a good day selling all the bee goodies at the market. I could listen and u got 100k dong selling the beehive? Congrats on a good job and good video.”

Thank you for visiting my website and sharing the posting. In the video belᴏw, you can see Harvest Forest Honey Beehive Goes to the Market to Sell – Live With Natural.


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