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Harvesting White Eggplant Garden Goes to the Market sell

Hi everyone welcome to visit my website is talking about the cooking lifestyle. My job today will be to go pick Eggplant. Today we bring it to you: Harvesting White Eggplant Garden Goes to the Market sell – Gardening. A tough day at work. It is a delicious food.


A young girl temporarily put aside a stable job in the city, leaving the grid life to return to her hometown to start building a new life. Build a peaceful life with the nature of mountains and forests, doing what you love.

Please like and share with me to view more videos thank you and I will show you my cooking skill and cooking with recipes.

We give you a glimpse of life in the humid monsoon rainforest. The basic skills to survive there, it’s great to have your comment to support visiting my website.

 Fan Comments

Comment 1: Valentina Sinitsyna said: “Hi Princess! 👸 Beautiful warrior, fantastic, magnificent, incredible, congratulations on your wonderful work, it was top 👍 kisses, beautiful.”🌹❤️ 

Comment 2: Catherine Lucas said: “Job well done. A new subscriber from Nairobi City, Kenya.”

Comment 3: Reda Šileikiene said: “Respect for honest work.”

Comment 4: Valentina Sinitsyna said: Thanks to the bloggers, at 59 I didn’t know that such eggplants exist.”

Thank you for visiting my website and sharing the posting. In the video belᴏw, you can see the Harvesting White Eggplant Garden Goes to the Market sell – Gardening.


Thank you for visiting our website! We hope you found something that sparked your interest on our website. Share this with your family and friends.



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