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Massive Mahi in Panama – Deep Sea Fishing

In this episode of BlacktipH, Jake Jorgensen goes fishing for Massive Dolphin (AKA mahi-mahi or Dorado) and Yellowfin Tuna at Tropic Star Lodge in Panama with our good friend Richard White. The day started with us searching for a floating structure in the Ocean.


From there, we pitched live baits and lures to catch yellowfin tuna!! After catching four of them, we found a floating tree, where we hooked three massive Dolphin Fish! The two largest Dolphin Fish were both around 50 pounds!!

Fan Comments

Comment 1: Kevin Martinez Caldes Said: “Thanks for the update man, I’m very glad Josh is doing well, the fisherman crew is with you dude, we can’t wait to see you back on chasing sea monsters 🎣💞 lots of love and support from all of us, we love you!”

Comment 2: Light on yt7708 Said:” Man I’m really praying for Josh he got me and my 2 other brothers to fish as well as my dad. I’ve cried many times not seeing him in the videos, but we have to stay positive cause we need him to fight strong and beat it me and my family are praying for you, Josh. You are my idol plz stay safe and to your brothers keep up the good work and take care of Josh. And remember keep on ruling those fish.”

Comment 3: Orrie Damon Said:You are the person who made me go fishing just wanted to say thanks….one day I’m gonna go ocean fishing! Hopefully!

This fish actually very calm in nature! In the photo belᴏw, yᴏu can see the MASSIVE Mahi in Panama – Deep Sea Fishing.


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