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Surprising: Unique Costume Set Made From Vegetables, Roots, and Fruits – Agriculture Technology

Not fabric or paper, with special ingredients such as green onions, lettuce, chili… people have designed extremely impressive and unique costumes. Fashion collections with all kinds of different materials such as sacks, balloons, or even screws have surprised netizens, but dresses made from fruits and vegetables are truly a new breakthrough.


The new fashion line of the Greggs brand called Salda has made many people: “A-shaped eyes and O-shaped mouth“.

The dress in the new Greggs product line is made from 5,000 coconut leaves, 200 cabbage stalks, 150 chili peppers, and 150 peppercorns.

Two models showed off this outfit during a photo shoot on Carnaby Street and Regent Street, causing Londoners to admire it as they passed by.


The design team behind this impressively strange outfit includes four designers, including Kate Tabor, Katy Perry’s costume designer.

It took them about 200 hours to create this fruit and vegetable dress. However, this is not the first time fruits and vegetables have been used as fashion materials.

Before being launched by Greggs as a separate fashion line, many other amateur designers tried to incorporate vegetables into their creations to create a difference in design competitions.

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