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The 30 Dogs Reunited With Soldiers And More

Maybe dogs can’t tell us what makes them truly happy, but their actions give us the answer. These meaningful reunion moments can truly melt your heart. Hello everybody! Thanks for stopping by and watching our video.


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Fan Comments

Comment 1: Devin Brenner Said: “Aww! So cute love your videos man.” 

Comment 2:  SERUGGA SAMUEL Said: “Home is not only a place to live, but also a place where someone waits for us to return” That statement melted my heart, and I couldn’t stop the tears.💕💕💕💕

Comment 3: Anca Verboschi Said: “Can there be anything more emotional than the love of these loyal beings towards their owners? Waiting and meeting them again is a moment of great happiness. I felt it even after an absence of only a few hours, who could match it?”

Comment 4: Ray Baker Said: “Growing up, My Dad and me found a dog while motorcycle riding in the mountains. A Golden Retriever. Face full of porcupine quills. We removed quills. The dog was happy to see us and let us pull the quills. Got him some water, and some beef jerky. Found him about ten miles in. He was exhausted. We tied him down to a bike and took him out. His collar had a phone number on it. We called it when we got home. His family was beside themselves. They drove 2 hours to pick him up. I will never forget that reunion. He ran and greeted owners then ran back to me and my Dad, wined, and went back to owners.”

Comment 5: Deborah Ross Said: “I get this every time I leave even for a few minutes. I live with 3 mixed breeds, 2 are mine the 3rd is my brother’s. They really get excited when I’m gone for a couple of hours. My brother barks a lot, and sometimes we think he is scolding us for leaving him behind. Nothing’s as great as being greeted by the 3 of them. What love these dogs have for their owners as this video shows. Reminds me of a story from long ago. Ulysses came home from a very long journey and nobody recognized him, except his dog. God bless.”

Let’s do this! In the photo below, you can see the 30 Dogs Reunited With Soldiers and More!


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