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The 35 Random Acts Of Kindness That Will Go Straight Into Your Heart

Every day something bad happens in the world, and not everyone is able to handle these trials on their own. But as long as there are selfless people who will perform heartwarming acts of kindness, the scales of good and evil will remain balanced.


Watch this video till the end and it will help you believe that this year will be better than the last! And please subscribe to the channel and click on the bell. It’s very important for us!

Fan Comments

Comment 1: Tekknowgerl said: “Yep, this one brought tears several times while watching! Always a good way to start my day…Thank you! Everyone reading this, be safe and take care!

Comment 2: Michael Murphy said:  “This must be what I’m still here for in this world. In 2010 I was hit on my motorcycle at 55mph. I was doing 21mph. I broke my neck. And have had 2 life-saving surgeries. And my health has grown worse. But I keep fighting. And keep trying to help others every chance I get. There are so many great people out there. With warm HEART’S. willing to help in some kind of way. Thank you so very much for sharing this.”

Comment 3: Knightsire said: ” These stories never fail to bring a tear but one in particular broke my heart. The old man who was so thrilled to have a wheelchair…. I’ve been in one for more than 40 years and never spent a single day having to drag myself along on the ground. That man showed me how truly blessed I have been.”

Comment 4: CYLUS said: “It isn’t much, but it meant a lot to me: For context, up until about a month ago I worked for my local Walmart. I was an SCO Host, so in certain cases, I could control the prices of certain things (adjusting sales, correcting pricing mistakes, etc.).

My favorite memory though, was of a family that came through about two weeks before this last Christmas with their two kids. Their younger boy was super sweet and came through the checkouts on a little red bike, one that the parents thought was on sale, but we came to find out it actually wasn’t.

The boy looked so disappointed, but he didn’t argue when his parents told him ‘not this time’.

Long story short, that ~$80 bike was left with them after it was magically put on sale for $45. Santa’s orders. I hope they had a wonderful Christmas.” Let’s do this! In the photo belᴏw, yᴏu can see the 35 Random Acts Of Kindness That Will Go Straight Into Your Heart!


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