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The LARGEST Snappers in the World

In this episode of BlacktipH, we travel to Panama to go fishing for monster Cubera Snappers at one of the world’s greatest fishing destinations, Tropic Star Lodge. Cubera snappers are the largest species of snappers in the world!


We started the day off fishing for bonito to use as bait. The bonito was placed in tuna tubes to keep them alive. Once we caught six bonito, we started trolling for Cubera Snappers using the bonito as bait. It didn’t take to catch my first-ever Cubera Snapper. What an incredible fish!

Cubera’s have some of the most gnarly teeth of any saltwater species of fish. In total, we caught three Cubera Snappers and two Almaco Jacks, with the largest Cubera weighing over 40 lbs! What an incredible experience this was!

 Fan Comments

Comment 1: Robert R said: “Kudos to that captain, One of the smartest fisheries I’ve ever seen! You can tell he’s very passionate about sustaining the Cubera population! They throw back those slow-growing Cuberas to grow even bigger and reproduce! That’s why there are plenty of people that have fished their whole lives and still haven’t caught one before like Josh until he made this trip! I’ve personally fished my whole life (25 years) and have only caught one Cubera ever! I think in the U.S. we should do the same approach to these slow-growing species so they will be here for generations to come.”

Comment 2: Single Mom Aquatics said: “You all have inspired my children to go fishing. I bought a couple of simple rods for myself and my daughter and will be buying the license by this weekend but at the moment just to catch and release as that’s the rule for the river by my house but it will still be an experience and I can’t wait.”

Comment 3: Dylan Sultzbach said: “FINALLY! You went after Cubera Snappers! This fish has been one that has eluded me for years! I’ve fished for them all over the Caribbean without ever getting one! I’m still fishing for them, but it’s been hard! This is one fish that seems to appear when least expected!”

Comment 4: Chris said: “Just saying, that Capt is a genius dude who obviously loves what he does. Could listen to him talk the entire video lol.”

Comment 5: FishNPanama said: “Hell yeah, buddy! Come down to Panama guys the fishery is INSANE. That TARPON WORLD Record comes from the Panama Canal. Every species is massive in Panama must be the water lol! Cheers guys.”🔥🎣

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