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Unbelievɑble! Vᴏlcɑnᴏ Fishing ɑ Rɑre Cɑtch

Cɑtching big fish from the world’s most ɑctive volcɑno in Hɑwɑii. I ɑnd Pɑmelɑ were fortunɑte enough to meet ɑ group of locɑl fishermen who invited us to come fishing with them in ɑ very speciɑl plɑce. We ɑre both very blessed ɑnd thɑnkful for the experience we shɑred with our new Hɑwɑiiɑn friends!


Fan Cᴏmments

Comment 1: Having good friends is something! Memories of good moments last forever in our lives. Happy, man. You´ve got the praise of being surrounded by these guys on such occasions.

Comment 2: Only your fan I really liked this fishing in Hawaii.

Comment 3: Love watching your videos! I’m from Hawaii as well and just started fishing a couple of months ago. Your videos really get me hyped to go fishing. The places you fish around the world are so beautiful. Keep up the good work!

Comment 4: This is my home. Super stoked to see you here. Nice amberjack we call them Kahala those puna boys were frothing to hang out with you.

Looks like they took you in like family. Hope you will visit again someday. Would love to show you a couple of ledges on the west side. I will be watching this one over and over again.

Frequently Asked Questiᴏns

Q1: When I was in the U S Military stationed in Hawaii I made so many friends with the “Locals” just by fishing. The local culture is so friendly and caring.

I always would offer my catch of the day to my newfound friends and be always invited to their homes or campsites for a meal with their entire family and neighbors. Enjoy your stay in Hawaii, Aloha Niue!

A: Aloha brother!! Absolutely agree with you mate, people here a super genuine was a really cool experience, and defiantly want to come back with more time. New found friends for sure mate. Good to hear you are a caring sharing person!

Q2: That looks like a whole lotta fun! Glad to see smiles on both of your faces too! I came home from work one day this week, and after seeing a billboard on the hgwy.

I threw what I could, 100 bucks at the Aus, situation. It’s just killing me inside hearing about the wildlife and I’ve been trying my best to avoid seeing pictures of it! I can’t imagine how you feel, it is home and how much you love the natural world also.

Take advantage of your platform, and don’t be afraid to ask people to donate. If every sub gave a single dollar that’s a lot of money bro! I don’t know what else can be done though. I can’t stop thinking about it. Thanks for letting me get this off my mind at least, keep on keeping on!

A: Hey mate, of course, it’s a terrible situation. We have lost many native animals which will not recover like the land or the people, this is the worst.

Donations have been incredible across all countries, and yes I have used my socials for donations on Instagram. I’ve helped a mate with his farm, animals, and crops since being home, so doing what I can to help out of course.

I too grew up on a farm and have been in a bushfire many times so understand the pain. Like always we will recover and grow from this experience I just hope the government listens to the people now!!!

In the video belᴏw, yᴏu cɑn see The Volcano Fishing a Rare Catch.


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