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Use Harvested Money – Buy Rabbits To Raise On The Farm, Plant More Trees

Hi everyone welcome to visit my website is talking about the cooking lifestyle. Today I had to travel a long way to Use Harvested Money – Buy Rabbits To Raise On The Farm, Plant More Trees – Farm Care – Free New Life. A tough day at work. It is a delicious food.


A young girl temporarily put aside a stable job in the city, leaving the grid life to return to her hometown to start building a new life. Build a peaceful life with the nature of mountains and forests, doing what you love.

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Fan Comments

Comment 1: Martin Jančič said: ”You bought some beautiful bunnies and fed them well, I hope they will grow up soon, the development of the farm is progressing nicely!

Comment 2: Marsh David said: ”@Huong – It looks slightly windy today but that one is not a barrier to your normal farm activities. As usual, your dad is very busy with the farm work. I can see you transplanting some trees and watering them.

You have decided to go to market today to buy some carrots and not to sell your farm products, a very good move indeed as you prepare for your rabbit’s care. It is a new job with new ideas.

The chickens and the ducks have multiplied to quite a big number and the egg production has also increased not to forget to mention the healthy pigs. Meet you Huong on the next move.”

Comment 3: Roberto Zambrano Garcia said: ”Hello Huong and Dad thanks for sharing this amazing video very smart idea the rabbits will eat up the vegetable l think they also eat lettuce but l think you have a lot of rabbits the farm is growing more and more congratulations Huong for your much effort god fill you with beautiful blessings baby.”

Comment 4: Evelyn Lucas said: ”Hello my beautiful Huong many bunnies, so cute, like them too. Wish you more blessings and success. Take care always.” ❤👍🙏

Comment 5: John Dickson said: ”Wait a minute you traveled to the market paid for the carrots feed the rabbit and still had to buy and pay for 3 or 4 rabbits. I think I’m missing something here.”

Thank you for visiting my website and sharing the posting. In the video belᴏw, you can see the Use Harvested Money – Buy Rabbits To Raise On The Farm, Plant More Trees – Farm Care – Free New Life.


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