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Mѻdern Pumpkin Hɑrvesting Mɑchine in The Wѻrld

Fertilizing the fields for the world’s amazing modern agriculture mega machines, harvesting pumpkin, and squash. Unusual harvesters, collectors, and equipment for gathering pumpkins. The 2017 pumpkin crop harvest. mechanical engineering, modern farming technologies, and agricultural equipment.


In an hour, it can pick 1 to 1.5 hectares of pumpkins. According to the video, that’s tens of thousands in under 60 minutes: Moty is a producer of agricultural machinery with an emphasis on tools for removing pumpkin seeds.

It is by far the most useful because it can be used in a variety of ways. In addition to being eaten, used to create oil, and given to cattle, pumpkin seeds have several industrial uses.

The Moty KE 3000 hydroS pumpkin seed harvester, as seen in the video, is equipped with different tools for each stage of the procedure. Although it multitasks well, it lacks some of the independence of some of the others we’ve seen.

First and foremost, he uses a plow to lift the pumpkins out of the ground and arrange them in a row. After stringing the pumpkins together and moving them to a conveyor belt inside the combine, a wheel with spikes travels the row.

Watch the video below to know World Amazing Pumpkin and Squash Field Fertilizing Modern Agriculture Mega Machines Harvesters.


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