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The 50 Random Acts of Kindness That Will Make You Cry

Often at times it can feel like kindness is in short supply, but luckily there are still people out there who are willing to go above and beyond to help others in need Inspired by Novella, Mad Lab, Interesting Facts, Akimbo.


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Fan Comments

Comment 1: Jana Koukalova said: “I stopped traffic and helped a man in a wheelchair who fell off it and the caretaker wasn’t strong enough, gave him tissue for head injury and show them the way to the nearest hospital, every day I help some elderly person get their shopping up to the hill. And asking sad people if they need something. No one should feel they are lonely”

Comment 2: French K-pop otaku said: “This is nothing compared to all the stuff you’ve done for everyone in this class, you deserve way more than this” Omg this young man is a keeper, he gives me faith in the young generation! And my classmates too! ❤

Comment 3: Susie Frades said: “SOO many amazing ones. but LET” S talk about the girl who accidentally broke her neighbor’s can cane decoration and spoke into the door camera and apologized several times and left TWENTY DOLLARS for them to replace it!! Humanity is still out there!”

Let’s do this! In the photo belᴏw, yᴏu can see the 50 Random Acts of Kindness That Will Make You Cry!


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